As leaders, our most important obligation is to unlock the potential of our team. Unfortunately, this potential is often limited by invisible lines of self-doubt and past experiences. #coachjoe

A leaders vision is so clear, the team is no longer bound by self-limiting borders.

When we are inspired by the work we do, success follows naturally. As Paulo Coelho said, “The reward for our work is not what we get, but what we become.” Let’s focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves, and the byproduct of success will fall into place. #coachjoe

Sometimes, what sounds stupid in our ears can be a revelation to someone else’s ears. #coachjoe 👇🏻

After all, wisdom is subjective to the listener. So don’t get frozen in inaction because uncertainty. 5 rules to reverse engineering your competence 🔄 confidence loop. 👉🏻Ask the hard questions and be brave in your own thoughts. Your brilliance deserves to be heard. 🆑Embrace the unintended coincidences that transpire in the moment of discomfort. 💯ReframeContinue reading “Sometimes, what sounds stupid in our ears can be a revelation to someone else’s ears. #coachjoe 👇🏻”

Join me on “Balance Cubed Episode Reboot: Lead with Humility: Embracing the Power of Servant Leadership” where I am joined by one of my best friends and leadership enthusiast, Larry Asher 👇🏻

We discuss the importance of embracing the power of servant leadership and how it can make you an exemplary leader. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode! #leadership #servantleadership #balancecubed

90% of winning at the highest level is in our mindset. To unlock our full potential, we must eliminate the distractions that pull us out of our genius. Together, we can achieve more by encouraging a winning mindset. #coachjoe

“Behavior preceded belief—that is, most people must engage in a behavior before they accept that it is beneficial; then they see the results, and then they believe that it is the right thing to do…implementation precedes buy-in; it does not follow it.” —Douglas B Reeves. #coachjoe

Investing in your team pays off in more ways than one. #coachjoe 👇🏻

By providing opportunities for growth and development, you not only double your ROI, but also create a more engaged, empowered, and enthusiastic workforce. When teammates feel valued and supported, they bring their best selves to work every day. #InvestInPeople #EmployeeEngagement #learningandevelopment