Parts inventory: Revenue Management

  Lessons’ from the NADA Dealer Academy: The Parts Department is an important asset management component that if mismanaged, will have a negative impact to the balance sheet. Since most managers don’t take a path of leadership through Parts, this department is overlooked and undervalued.  The metrics of parts department performance is measured can beContinue reading “Parts inventory: Revenue Management”

Sexy side of expense management

Expense management is not sexy at all but you have to admit the title did catch your attention, right? Expense control is not as exciting as closing a sale, providing a solution to an unsolvable problem or landing that big parts account. In fact, unless you are a the person responsible for a positive EBITDAContinue reading “Sexy side of expense management”

The Success Path.

Sometimes the external environment challenges our convictions, redirects our focus and skews our reality perception.  The never-ending quest for success clarity has us searching for easy answers to a more complicated question. Success as a narrative is relative and carries a different set of values to each individual. Unlocking the individual brilliance that exists within all ofContinue reading “The Success Path.”

Prospecting: Pipeline Management

As a professional salesperson, the burden of creating revenue is your responsibility.  Anytime you are not face-to-face with a prospective customer, you are temporarily unemployed.  The organization provided you with the tools necessary to become an entrepreneur.  The company provides the advertising, the product support and supply, the reputation, telephones and the tools to assist you with communicatingContinue reading “Prospecting: Pipeline Management”

Delivering value in the service drive.

“Intent counts more than technique” – Ian Brodie Intent counts more than technique: While you work on your questioning techniques, know that your intent is most important. Greeting your client(s) with honesty, sincerity and empathy prompts your clients to share their concerns and fears.  Consequently, your ability to find the right solution and their trust in adaptingContinue reading “Delivering value in the service drive.”

New to sales? Prove them wrong!

After attending a very detailed week-long training event, a group of new salespeople were starting their first day on the sales floor. They were full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement. The product is new, the environment is new and they’re filled with possibilities. Enthusiasm paired with a growing understanding of their product makes for a formidable combination.Continue reading “New to sales? Prove them wrong!”

3-Step Value Proposition to Service Contracts.

Do a quick Google search of “should I buy a service contract” and you’re likely to see about 480 million results. Quite mind-boggling when one thinks about the decision whether or not to purchase a service contract. Of course, there’s myriad of different service contract products but for the purposes of this article we’re going toContinue reading “3-Step Value Proposition to Service Contracts.”

Lost sales service: part 2

As mentioned in part 1 “How to Capture those lost sales in service”, we outlined the specific areas to address while reviewing repair orders.  This article will address three specific steps to help your service operations capture potential lost sales. This is a guided three-step outline that creates the pathway to performance improvement. These steps aren’tContinue reading “Lost sales service: part 2”

The sum of the people you surround yourself with.

Watch the morning coffee clutch gather for their morning ritual. Try to listen in to what the tone of the day is going to be. Are they focused in on trying to solve the world’s political problems? Maybe the tone will be centered on global warming, or the price of oil? There’s always that center-of-attentionContinue reading “The sum of the people you surround yourself with.”