3-Step Value Proposition to Service Contracts.

Do a quick Google search of “should I buy a service contract” and you’re likely to see about 480 million results. Quite mind-boggling when one thinks about the decision whether or not to purchase a service contract. Of course, there’s myriad of different service contract products but for the purposes of this article we’re going toContinue reading “3-Step Value Proposition to Service Contracts.”

Lost sales service: part 2

As mentioned in part 1 “How to Capture those lost sales in service”, we outlined the specific areas to address while reviewing repair orders.  This article will address three specific steps to help your service operations capture potential lost sales. This is a guided three-step outline that creates the pathway to performance improvement. These steps aren’tContinue reading “Lost sales service: part 2”

The sum of the people you surround yourself with.

Watch the morning coffee clutch gather for their morning ritual. Try to listen in to what the tone of the day is going to be. Are they focused in on trying to solve the world’s political problems? Maybe the tone will be centered on global warming, or the price of oil? There’s always that center-of-attentionContinue reading “The sum of the people you surround yourself with.”

Capturing lost opportunities in Service

Generally, service managers only measure the tangible metrics such as; hours per repair order, effective labor rates, sold hours, productivity, efficiency and proficiency. Often, these indices tell a great story about the performance of the department. One of the challenges of any service facility is managing the opportunities. Each metric is finely tuned to provideContinue reading “Capturing lost opportunities in Service”

Technology, customers and community.

To suggest there’s a paradigm shift in the way consumers purchase products would be a massive understatement. Information gathering and data processing is evolving by the minute. Innovation is creating opportunities and new careers such as; social media directors, digital marketing specialists and e-commerce positions dot every major job posting. Online retailers have decoded theContinue reading “Technology, customers and community.”

Shortcuts and quick fixes

We live in a quick-fix, fast-solution, results-driven society where 24-hour news cycles and instant feedback rule our social lives. Read a book now and you become an expert who can teach the topic. Start a diet and, in 90 days, you will have the body of a super model. The need for instant gratification preventsContinue reading “Shortcuts and quick fixes”

Tend to your garden of success or it will tend to you

Find a mediocre salesperson and you’ll find him or her surrounded by peers with like-minded views, opinions and excuses. They will tell you why their sales volume lacks consistency and their gross profit production is far below the median. They practice the excuses so well that they’ve become experts a closing themselves on mediocrity. TheyContinue reading “Tend to your garden of success or it will tend to you”