We deliberately choose the energy we want to come in. Our subconscious is being influenced by the energy of choice. #coachjoe5 elements of energy that align with our mind, body, and spirit.😶 Language: “what we tell ourselves”🤔 Think: “how we think” “intentions”😁 Feel: “association to emotions”💬 Beliefs/Perspectives: “what we hold”📌Actions: “the steps we take”🤯Manifest joy and joy comes to you in abundance. Manifest fear, uncertainty and negativity and they too come in abundance.⚡️When you change the level of focus to allow positive energy to come in, we learn to more frequently tap that reservoir of energy.“Emotional Agility is the ability to objectively experience a full range of thoughts and feelings – yes, even the most difficult ones – and still choose to act in ways that that feel the most like ‘you’.-Susan David, Ph.D.

“Courageous leadership is about making the right decisions for the right reasons, knowing that by doing so, you will contribute to delivering on your long-term purpose” – Unknown. #coachjoe📌 Authentic leadership is recognizing the vulnerability, humility, and courage needed to be a leader.📌 The concept of perfection, fail-proof, flawless leadership is a paradox.#leadership #leadershipdevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leader #coaching #mentoring #keeplearning #keepgrowing #yougotthis #growthmindset #learningleaders

Leave room to grow #coachjoeThe #growthmindset is a muscle that strengthens through repetition.💯The journey is a but a small piece of the puzzle. The picture becomes more transparent as the story unfolds.Seek out:📚New books to nourish your mindset📖 Subject matter experts to teach you👓 New coaches & leaders that provide a different perspective.🔄 The competency-confidence loop expands every time you gain knowledge.🔬Learning is the journey from who you are to who you want to be!

The centrifugal force of adversity is the negative self-talk of the inner villain. This is our minds way of keeping us safe. #coachjoe🎙“Our need for acknowledgment that is authenticated by — empirical evidence, social acceptance, or peer validation —are the interconnected byways of emotional courage. A gap that widens as we become dependent upon these influences.” #Coachjoe🔥We need not be discouraged by the void of social acceptance. The sheer force of momentum reduces the burdening weight of doubt, delay, and opposition resistance.🎓“Tenacity is the ability to hang on when letting go appears most attractive.”-unknown.🙏🏻 For the external influences that keep us moving forward. We are so grateful to you and the value you’ve added 👏🔥🔁

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