Episode 3 Balance Cubed

Welcome to Balance Cubed. I’m your host, Coach Joe – Joe Clementi
A podcast where we discuss all aspects of a balanced/harmonious life.
On Balance Cubed, we lean in on our experiences to provide you with the practical applications, tools, advising, and coaching to help you fine-tune your talents.
Our goals are to provide insights and actions that help our listeners unleash your inner power creating harmony and balance – that will inspire your life positively
On Balance Cubed our viewpoints are from the 6 main balance/harmony areas of life: personal mastery, mindset, leadership development, relationship building, service to yourself and to others, and maybe…most importantly accountability.
That’s right, unfiltered, and unscripted your connection to a balanced life.
On episode 3 we’re going to talk about greener pastures.
What do you mean coach Joe, like cows? Laughter. No I don’t mean cows!
I want to start with this very important context. Too many people think the grass is greener somewhere else, but the grass is greener where you water it. Remember that!
So on episode 3, our title is “Tend to your garden of success, or it will tend to you”

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