Leaders value and protect their culture. #coachjoe

“The secret to well-being has never been the excess accumulation of resources, but rather, well-being comes with cooperative reciprocity.” – Rebecca Heiss, PhD. #coachjoe

Leaders looking to promote cooperation and altruistic contribution among team members would be wise to create a collaborative culture.

My inner voice is the loudest. If I don’t use it strategically, the message can replace my mission. #coachjoe

The expert begins at the same place you are right now. #coachjoe 👇


The expert begins at the same place you are right now. #coachjoe 👇

*Strategically plan for new experiences in your life.
*To build competency and “master” a skill you must begin.
*Learning is the framework for building the skills required to grow.
*Congruence; is the ideal that you think you are and who you want to be.
*Contributing; what is it that you are contributing to others?

  • Competence. Don’t freak out if you don’t know enough yet. Read, listen, learn, and evolve into the skill you want to acquire.
    *Challenge. Organize and measure the best of our energies and skills to be bolder and set meaningful challenges.

Do not judge your progress until you have failed and learned. You must have clarity and specificity to the purpose, intention, and be congruent with core values.

Leaders understand how to integrate small wins to move from one success plateau to another. #coachjoe

⭕️ Contemplate what you’ve already accomplished and build on the actions

🔺Find something worth fighting for.

👓 Identify the real enemies: doubt, delay, and division. Procrastination is the enemy of consistency.

High-performance leaders understand the power of discretionary effort. #coachjoe 👇