We train for growth, inspire to action, and work for change. #coachjoe @joseph_clementi

Direction is more important than speed. So many people are going nowhere fast. #coachjoe

🆑Don’t let doubt drain your strength – instead, immerse yourself in knowledge and progress your competency. 🔥💯Remember, competence besets confidence.

Working alongside a high-performance team, in a high performance culture, with values, and vision can truly be a game-changer. #coachjoe

💯When everyone is working towards a common goal, united by a shared purpose and vision, the possibilities are endless. 🙌🏻

🆑By utilizing individual talents, working in unison, and empowering the ideation process, the team achieves great success.

👉🏻A successful team educates, collaborates and celebrates their own differences by empowering each other to take on bigger challenges, larger goals, more objectives.

👊🏼I believe that any positive and cohesive team has immense potential, as long as that vision and purpose align with their goals.

Everyone has a chapter they don’t read aloud. No regrets, just lessons. Embrace the grind, enjoy the journey, learn from your mistakes, and be patient while you develop the skills required to turn the page. #coachjoe

The only thing that no one else can judge you on is your effort.

Remember, it’s okay to have a chapter you don’t read aloud. Just keep writing. And the next chapter will be your best one yet.

New episode alert! “Balance Cubed: Exploring the Multifaceted Advantages of Team Collaboration” is now live. #coachjoe

Discover the incredible benefits of harnessing the power of teamwork and collective effort. This episode guides you through an enticing exploration of how a committed team, with its diverse backgrounds and open communication, can become an unstoppable force.

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Experience is the foundation for tomorrow, even if it’s not immediately apparent. It’s important to walk with trust and continue to build upon that foundation. Like an artist’s brush strokes, the vision becomes clearer with time. #coachjoe

Keep moving forward through the storms and eventually the clouds will break and the sun will peek out. Learning, adapting, and course correcting are all essential skills that every driver must master on their unique journey. #coachjoe


“If anyone on the verge of action should judge themselves according to the outcome, they would never begin.” – Unknown #coachjoe

Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to begin. You have what it takes. These wise words reminded me of my own journey.

💯It’s our 4th year of posting content daily and our 2nd year of our Balance Cubed podcast. It hasn’t been easy, and we’ve had our fair share of misses. But we didn’t let that stop us.

🆑The experience in between is meant to teach you. So get up, get dressed, read, share your best, and contribute to others. Don’t judge yourself based on the outcome; just start. #motivation #inspiration #podcast #leadershipmatters

What I learned this week: In my experience, changing a person’s mindset by directing or demanding that it change is fruitless. #coachjoe

⁉️Culture change happens only when people join in.

🚪The only way to open the door for mindset shifts is to offer sufficient information and insights while continuing to invite them along the journey.

🆑Success is where growth and mindset meet to achieve the potential.

🔄It is anticipatory of the mindset required on the horizon. More powerfully, we ask, What’s possible?