Servant Leadership—in service of others— is knowing when and how to shine a light on everyone who contributes. #coachjoe

Here’s 5 practical applications.

  1. Recognize success and give an abundance of credit.
  2. Coach others. Helping others master their talents is the ultimate reward.
  3. Brainstorm with others. Put your ideas on the table and encourage the team to build on, improve, or toss the ideas out as appropriate.
  4. Meet unspoken needs. Recognize when someone is struggling with an emotion, and connect with a word of encouragement and support.
  5. Listen. Don’t merely listen to pickup on what you expect to hear; to formulate a response.

🤔Listen to understand.

❓Ask clarifying questions.

⚖️Look for balance in perspective.

If you want things to “change” it requires contributing value into them. #coachjoe


Complacency stalls brilliance, kills innovation, and creates friction within teams.

Leadership agility catalysts are the changemakers.

Leaders understand a strategic pivot requires knowledge sharing. #coachjoe


📚Are you simply consuming information or are you actually digesting and applying it?

📈If you truly want to improve, it is not enough to just take in information. It requires understanding.

✖️Now this is the difference between breadth and depth.

☑️Breadth is the range of things that you know.

✅While depth is a level to which you understand it.

Can you identify 1 area that you could deepen your understanding?

Because mastery is achieved, not based on how much you know… But how well you know it! 🧐

5️⃣practical applications: knowledge sharing.

  1. Set purpose: create knowledge channels.
  2. Recognize individuals: tap into your teams’ motivations
  3. Setup a cadence of collaborative review
  4. Create cross-functional projects
  5. Prevent knowledge hoarding before it stalls progress.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

Every day that you wake up is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself. Don’t save the important things for another day. #coachjoe


Results are the byproduct of the complete alignment of purpose and intention. #coachjoe


👉🏻The gap in performance expectations occur when the daily activities aren’t conducive to the mission.
🚧 Roadblocks occur when the internal communications differ from the external communications.
🗣️ Part of the skill is to lead people in a way that they enthusiastically connect to the vision. Creating an environment where individuals thrive and contribute meaningfully.
🔁 Commitment is the straight line connection in the competency-confidence loop.