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What are you optimizing for? Are your current habits creating your desired future? #coachjoe


Is the bottleneck strategy or is it execution. Reframe your efforts to execute rather than question the approach.

Getting 1% better every day is compounding. If you’re in a negative set of habits then it will be much harder to overcome. If you’re in a positive set of habits it’s easier to produce a desired outcome.

Leaders learn to adopt an open and curious mindset. #coachjoe

Great problem solvers are not born. Here’s what we have learned after surrounding ourselves with the leaders who learn to adpot a particularly open and curious mindset, and cracking the most inscrutable problems.

In September of 2020, McKinsey & Company published an article titled “Six problem solving for very uncertain times”

“The mindsets of great problem solvers are just as important as the methods they employ. A mindset that encourages curiosity, embraces imperfection, rewards a dragonfly-eye view of the problem, creates new data from experiments and collective intelligence, and drives action through compelling show-and-tell storytelling creates radical new possibilities under high levels of unpredictability.” – authors Charles Conn and Robert McLean.

Learning leader and deliberate practice. #coachjoe

Begin anew and rekindle the fire you’ve long let extinguish! You’ve got the whole year to make it so. #coachjoe

Gain clarity and Balance – Unlock your inner leader with Balance Cubed

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Balance Cubed short: we discuss the power of reflection, unlocking the secrets of successful leadership.

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From the moments in time our hearts were filled with joy, the moments of sorrow, to the events and people that inspired you to keep moving👊🏼. #coachjoe

To a past that has built character, the present that has taught humility, and future that is bright with potential. Challenge yourself to contribute, grow, and achieve your dreams 💭

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