Leadership has always been an internal quality. To lead outwardly you must first learn to lead from within. #coachjoe


The leadership Fallacy: As a student of leadership for the past 3 decades, this is what I have learned that the image we conjure up when we think of our leaders is a false image.

👉🏻We think that leadership is being in the right place at the right time.
👉🏻We think that leaders are “selected” to lead
👉🏻We think that leaders are “made”
👉🏻That in order to lead, we need permission.

It’s said leaders are supposed to create followers.  This seems paradoxical to me.  I contend leaders create more leaders, thus multiplying the role of leadership.

Seth Godin said, “When the world changes management always fails because we don’t understand how to move forward. The world is changing whether you want it to or not and faster than ever before. In the face of that change – we’re not going to be able to “manage” our way out of it. We’re going to have to lead!”

The stories you tell yourself are strong visual storylines. Adjust the narrative and you change the course. #coachjoe


Five practical applications:

  1. You are the one holding yourself back. Make a list of your accomplishments, write them out, and read them aloud.
  2. Realize that “good enough” rarely is. Keep Learning.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Talking to a professional can help you gain insights that will be beneficial on your journey.
  4. Maintain visual clarity on the goal. Knowing exactly what you want is the biggest predictor of achieving it.
  5. Regulate your emotions and stimulate your mind. Knowing when to “change the channel” is key for getting through challenges.

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3 methods for aligning teams & gaining control of process. #coachjoe


The decisions we make today are in direct proportion to our outcomes of tomorrow. #coachjoe


We live in what scientist call an immediate return environment: because our actions instantly deliver clear and immediate outcomes.
Put another way, the cost of your good habits are in the present.

The cost of your bad habits are in the future!

  • What is rewarded is repeated.
  • What is punished is avoided.


Trying to pump up motivation to stick with a habit is like trying to force water through a crimped hose. #coachjoeYou can do it but it requires a lot of effort and increases the tension in your life.


When you’re committed to continuous learning, in Service to others, on the relentless pursuit of becoming a subject matter enthusiast. #coachjoe


Credibility, relationships, followed by focusing on logical work.

Greek Philosphy of influence:

🏦Ethos: is your personal credibility — how people view you, whether they believe what you say.

😑Pathos: is about feelings and relationships. It’s being emotionally in tune with others and their needs.

🤓Logos: is about logic — whether you are rational in the work you do with people.

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Balance Cubed. New Episode 29: “Data and disconnect with teams” #coachjoe


Balance Cubed: New Episode 29: “Data and the disconnect in teams”

Come join us as we discuss the importance of connecting teams with data.

Our goals are to provide practical applications that are scalable, manageable, and measured.

You could feel the mood change in the as the room became more fidgety. It started as a low grumble and rippled as the murmurs of displeasure rose.

The data was an accurate depiction of the results. There was discomfort in the lack of knowledge that the culture didn’t meet the metrics.

A swell of gamesmanship permeated the room. The celebration had become a contest of egos.