What is your imperative? High-performance leaders understand that success isn’t achieved in a vacuum. #coachjoe

Leaders recognize the potential obstacles to growth and proactively work to foster an environment of psychological safety, transparency, and collaboration.

The higher you climb, the harder the climb gets. Stay the course as you build muscles you didn’t know existed. Keep going! #coachjoe.

Today’s whiteboard message. Teams focused on the right things create amazing results. #coachjoe


6 secrets to building a team:

➡️ develop the skills needed to WIN in your area of focus

➡️ recruit, hire, and train for skills and leadership.

➡️ name your values as “things we do”.

➡️ instil the role model mentality.

➡️ set weekly rhythms and quarterly goals.

➡️ hold accountability meetings setting the expectations for ownership and responsibility

If you’re idling in hesitation remember this; genius is one action away from achieving your potential. #coachjoe


🌍The world is waiting for your song, book, invention, and life-changing idea.

👊🏻Whatever you do, begin now!

🎬Take a single action that moves you closer to your dream.

📚The learning leader immerse themselves in knowledge. Careful not to hover too long learning, but moving on the knowledge they gained.

🔋 You are responsible for the energy you bring!

💥You are accountable for the actions you take!

📱You are responsible for distraction removal!

👊🏻Embrace the grind

😃Enjoy the journey

🎧Keep listening.

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We live in a connection economy. I am much more interested in customer leadership than customer management. Customers want a connection to the experience. #coachjoe

One size fits all methods are gone forever. Everything we did and continue to do is going to be done differently in the future. 
It is a wonderful chance and a lifetime opportunity. 

Some are used to operating in a vacuum. Looking through the same distorted lens. Behaving in accordance with the lens from the view of a limited perspective. Blinded by only those things you choose to see. A distinct perspective requires looking through the lens of the other person. Changing goggles allows your vision to be altered by an unfamiliar perspective.

Lasting change happens when the culture changes from a market-based environment where everything is prioritized by profitability to a connection culture.

Connection at a human level to your culture boils down to 4 basic values: purpose, connection,

Competing at the highest level and winning in business. You cannot do it alone. #coachjoe.

Balance Cubed short

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What are you in pursuit of? A leader needs partners and co-conspirators who are willing to go to the mat for a belief. #coachjoe


This week in Balance Cubed we discuss leadership, competing to win, and the gap between high performers and low performers.

This is #podcastshow will be packed with research-based knowledge and actionable applications to help you and your team compete and win in 2023!

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United belief based on trust, respect, and a shared confidence makes the impossible possible. #coachjoe


👉🏻If you desire to make the impossible possible it takes enduring trust and respect.

👉🏻The arrival may not look exactly as it’s envisioned. The journey may be more tedious than expected. The underlying respect and mutual awareness is your common ground.

3 Practical Applications:

👉🏻 Partner to remove boundaries and self-limiting beliefs.

👉🏻 Anchor the process with confidence.

👉🏻 Compete within yourself and against yourself. Always pushing boundaries and stretching current skills.

Keep working to make the impossible possible.