Are you taking time to fill your own marble jar? #coachjoeMake time to fill your personal marble jar with gratitude statements and affirmations in recognition of progress.As you begin to address those areas that need improvement, remember one of the founding concepts is trust. You’re in control of your relationship with self-trust, and your accountable where you are falling short. #coachjoe“If you struggle with reliability, make small individual promises to yourself that are easy to fulfill, until you get a flywheel of reliability going again.”- Brene Brown

A big part of persistence and grit is knowing when to adjust your position and approach a challenge from a new angle. #coachjoe“Persistence does not mean beating your head against the same wall until you’re bleeding: persistence requires keen situational awareness to pivot when appropriate.” – Dr. Andrew Temte, CFA✅ Define the metrics and triggerpoints to determine whether there is alignment with your goals.✅ Develop a cadence that makes sense review performance metrics for the scope and scale of work.✅ Empower others to help maintain momentum, ensure transitions, and to ask critical questions.🔥 Carve out specific times for pivot points and require evidence of progress.#leadership #challengetochange #persistence #pivoting #situationalleadership #situationalawareness #leadershipdevelopment #coaching #executivecoaching #executionmanagement #alignmentmatters

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