The stories you tell yourself are strong visual storylines. Adjust the narrative and you change the course. #coachjoe


Five practical applications:

  1. You are the one holding yourself back. Make a list of your accomplishments, write them out, and read them aloud.
  2. Realize that “good enough” rarely is. Keep Learning.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Talking to a professional can help you gain insights that will be beneficial on your journey.
  4. Maintain visual clarity on the goal. Knowing exactly what you want is the biggest predictor of achieving it.
  5. Regulate your emotions and stimulate your mind. Knowing when to “change the channel” is key for getting through challenges.

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When we are leading in the “extremes” we lose valuable information that we need, and we lose the flexibility we need to be agile. #coachjoe


5️⃣ Practical Applications of Balanced & Agile Leadership:

  1. Strategic leaders must be agile and consistent at the same time.
  2. “Purely agile leaders may be visionaries and change agents but lack the single-mindedness and dedication to evaluate their visions.” Author, John Coleman
  3. Empower individuals/teams to make complicated and delicate decisions – balanced through accountability, ownership, and responsibility.
  4. Respond to ambiguity and uncertainty with flexibility and timeliness.
  5. Equip people with the capabilities to adapt and adjust using learning and development strategies.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. #coachjoe


I’m incredibly grateful for all your support of the work I share, the friendships I’ve made, the amazing talent, but most of all I appreciate you! 🙏🏻

My happy place is sitting in the family room watching the parade with Kimberly, our two adult daughters (those of you who have grown children know you don’t get many of these moments 😁) and the two dogs while the fireplace warms our hearts.

I hope you have moments of gratitude today that inspire you.

The Importance of Balance and Leadership Agility. #coachjoe


Balance Cubed: “Balance. Leadership Agility” with #coachjoe

Do you want to find balance in your life?

Do you want to be a leader who is present, balanced, and agile?

If you are struggling to get these things, and this episode is for you!

And this episode you will learn. 1. What is balanced leader ship and how can it help leaders in times of stress and uncertainty? 2. How can leaders stay agile and focused when faced with challenging situations? 3. What are some practical applications of balance, leader, ship, and agility?

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Leadership mindset: the pencil, eraser, and the highlighter. #coachjoe


Leadership mindset: the pencil, eraser, and the highlighter. #coachjoe #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipmindset #leadthink #performancecoachjoe #mindset #leadershipcoaching #teamwork #keepmovingforward #embracethegrind #enjoythejourney #keeplistening

Obstacles are cleverly constructed to test your commitment. #coachjoe


Here’s 3️⃣ Practical Applications to help move you from interest to commitment.

1️⃣ Find your passion (energy)

2️⃣ Take Action

3️⃣ Remove the distractions

Pay attention to your passions because they often symbolize what you want to achieve, how you want to grow, and where your future-self wants to go!

Leaders understand a strategic pivot requires knowledge sharing. #coachjoe


📚Are you simply consuming information or are you actually digesting and applying it?

📈If you truly want to improve, it is not enough to just take in information. It requires understanding.

✖️Now this is the difference between breadth and depth.

☑️Breadth is the range of things that you know.

✅While depth is a level to which you understand it.

Can you identify 1 area that you could deepen your understanding?

Because mastery is achieved, not based on how much you know… But how well you know it! 🧐

5️⃣practical applications: knowledge sharing.

  1. Set purpose: create knowledge channels.
  2. Recognize individuals: tap into your teams’ motivations
  3. Setup a cadence of collaborative review
  4. Create cross-functional projects
  5. Prevent knowledge hoarding before it stalls progress.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

Excited to share new episode of Balance Cubed “the evolving leadership landscape” #coachjoe #balancecubed

Tune in as we discuss the expanding levels of leadership in an evolving landscape.


“Behavior precedes belief – that is, most people must engage in behavior before they accept that it is beneficial; then they see the results, and then they believe that it is the right thing to do…implementation precedes buy-in; it does not follow it.” – Douglas B Reeves