Excited to share new episode of Balance Cubed “the evolving leadership landscape” #coachjoe #balancecubed


Tune in as we discuss the expanding levels of leadership in an evolving landscape.


“Behavior precedes belief – that is, most people must engage in behavior before they accept that it is beneficial; then they see the results, and then they believe that it is the right thing to do…implementation precedes buy-in; it does not follow it.” – Douglas B Reeves

3 methods for aligning teams & gaining control of process. #coachjoe


Our purpose constantly evolves giving us the space to grow beyond its current boundaries. #coachjoe


Balance Cubed: new epsisode 35 “The value of performance based coaching.” #coachjoe



Come join us on this latest episode as we explore individual and team performance coaching.

🏔️Peak performance behaviors are learned skills and modified beliefs. They’re traditionally exclusive to top-athlete’s, CEO’s, and executive leaders.

📈Effective coaching results in organizational success. Every growth challenge a business faces is an opportunity for incremental growth.

📝There’s a reason high-performing professionals seek professional grade leadership coaching. High-performance cultures embrace the superpower of coaching.

Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe


Sometimes unbeknownst to you, your words of lands perfectly in someone’s open glove. #coachjoe


And sometimes it’s like hitting fly-balls in the an empty outfield…

When it lands, that thud awakens the potential and gives strength to someone else’s resolve.

A word of encouragement, a moment in silence together, a nudge to get up, or a high-five to encourage, is all one needs to make a difference.

mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

Keep hitting balls to the outfield and every once in a while someone will run to catch it.

Just continue to Be curious, Be open minded, Be engaged, Be willing to dig deeper, and most importantly, Be purposeful.

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As you gain leadership maturity, you recognize the subtle nuances of effective leadership.#coachjoe

The incremental stages of growth are not massive. Each phase on leadership multiplication is the scaffolding for building knowledge.

Progressive results are the canvas that the artist skillfully paints. The picture never fully reveals itself until the final brushstroke.

Great achievement can be accomplished when everyone on the team is working in congruence with the mission. #coachjoe


There’s power and momentum in purpose. #coachjoe