Are you taking time to fill your own marble jar? #coachjoeMake time to fill your personal marble jar with gratitude statements and affirmations in recognition of progress.As you begin to address those areas that need improvement, remember one of the founding concepts is trust. You’re in control of your relationship with self-trust, and your accountable where you are falling short. #coachjoe“If you struggle with reliability, make small individual promises to yourself that are easy to fulfill, until you get a flywheel of reliability going again.”- Brene Brown

The plane won’t wait, the lines are long, and the transport is waiting. In a rush, the realization hit…ughh not everything’s been packed! #coachjoeA rise in anxiety told the brain, there’s no way to fit it all. The enemy of time coerced logic to confirm…no solution exists!There was so much focus on the obstacles the brain could not see a solution.After a long exhale, the realization hit…the bag has an expansion zipper! 🤯With the focus now on the solution, the obstacles didn’t get in the way!The answer is in plain sight when you redirect thoughts from the obstacle to the solution.“When you congruently say you can, you give a command to your nervous system that opens up the pathways to the part of your brain that can potentially deliver the answers you need.” -David Goehringyougotthis #successmindset #positiveattitude #leadership #resilience #growthmindset #adversity #obstacles #resolutionintelligence

We all own a pair of rose-colored glasses through which we look at the world. #coachjoe👓 The color of those lenses changes over time and experiences. They are “colored” by our education, families, friends, and work experiences.“As an individual on a continuous improvement journey, I am committed to ensuring my lenses improve in clarity and resolution as I age”- Dr. Andrew Temte, CFAperspective #continuousimprovement #growthmindset #yougotthis #growthoriented #changemanagement #leadershiplessons #coachingandmentoring #beliefs #views #culturechange #awarenessmatters

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