Leadership has always been an internal quality. To lead outwardly you must first learn to lead from within. #coachjoe


The leadership Fallacy: As a student of leadership for the past 3 decades, this is what I have learned that the image we conjure up when we think of our leaders is a false image.

👉🏻We think that leadership is being in the right place at the right time.
👉🏻We think that leaders are “selected” to lead
👉🏻We think that leaders are “made”
👉🏻That in order to lead, we need permission.

It’s said leaders are supposed to create followers.  This seems paradoxical to me.  I contend leaders create more leaders, thus multiplying the role of leadership.

Seth Godin said, “When the world changes management always fails because we don’t understand how to move forward. The world is changing whether you want it to or not and faster than ever before. In the face of that change – we’re not going to be able to “manage” our way out of it. We’re going to have to lead!”

What are you optimizing for? Are your current habits creating your desired future? #coachjoe


Is the bottleneck strategy or is it execution. Reframe your efforts to execute rather than question the approach.

Getting 1% better every day is compounding. If you’re in a negative set of habits then it will be much harder to overcome. If you’re in a positive set of habits it’s easier to produce a desired outcome.

On Balance Cubed episode #45 we explore the ten qualities of great leaders and what you need to know to become a successful leader. #coachjoe #balancecubed #leadershipqualities


Being a leader is exciting, challenging, humbling, and amazing. Embrace it.#coachjoe

Line of sight boils down to connecting the dots between learning and growth. #coachjoe

As a strong and knowledgeable leader, its important to pause and reflect—to consider the right questions that will help us move into successful actions.

Ignite Your Success: 4 Practical Applications for Using Self-Reflection as Building Blocks

  1. Journaling: A strong and knowledgeable leader will benefit from daily journaling. By taking a few moments each day to appreciate their accomplishments, learn something new and reflect on tasks completed, success can be more easily achieved. Journaling provides an important opportunity for deep self-reflection, enabling leaders to meet their goals with conviction and confidence.
  2. Score your progress/lack thereof: Knowing where you stand is essential for business leaders looking to make big moves. That’s why regularly scoring your progress (or lack thereof) can be an invaluable tool in helping you recognize any energy drains or distractions holding you back from achieving your objectives. Armed with this insight, it’s easier to adjust daily plans accordingly for optimal results!
  3. Evaluate your inner fire:
    Are you burning out quickly or feeling unmotivated? Do you need help finding direction and focus? Business leaders must take the time to check their internal flame – making sure it remains at a desirable intensity – so they remain focused on their mission and purpose without sacrificing enthusiasm or drive.

4 Look into yourself: It takes courage to look within oneself for areas of growth and development But checking one’s blindspots is crucial if one wishes to move forward without hesitation; With the right approach, any weaknesses can be confronted head-on in order to reach success more efficiently!

From journaling daily, scoring progress or lack thereof, creating action plans, and setting deadlines – each step is an essential piece to growing your career and reaching desired outcomes with clarity and specificity.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening

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Gain clarity and Balance – Unlock your inner leader with Balance Cubed

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Balance Cubed short: we discuss the power of reflection, unlocking the secrets of successful leadership.

Happy Holidays #coachjoe


From the moments in time our hearts were filled with joy, the moments of sorrow, to the events and people that inspired you to keep moving👊🏼. #coachjoe

To a past that has built character, the present that has taught humility, and future that is bright with potential. Challenge yourself to contribute, grow, and achieve your dreams 💭

To all my connections, I’m fortunate to have made your connection, blessed to have your support, and honored you take time to read and engage in our content. 🙏🏻❤️

Leadership is expanding the reach and impact of the combined intelligence of a group of people working together to achieve greatness. #coachjoe


☑️ The identity of the groups potential is directly proportional to the leaders ability to pull the genius from each person.

☑️It’s time to update your potential and the intention of leadership. Leaders expand the spirit, goals, and potential by expanding the identity.

Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe