Everyone deserves a champion— someone who believes in them, who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can be. #coachjoe✅ Today is your day! No matter the obstacles, know that you deserve greatness!✅ Yesterday is past, be thankful for the lessons learned.✳️Champion someone else today. A moment of gratitude makes a difference in attitude.fridaymotivation #championmindset #growthmindset #compassionateleadership #leadershipmatters #mindsetiseverything #mentalhealthmatters #futuregrowth #goalgetter #yougotthis #payitforward

“If you believe it will work out, you will see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.” – Wayne DyerCOACHJOE🤯 The power of the mind is that you can manifest aspirations into reality.👏 The courage to dream big is not a childhood behavior.➡️ Everything passes, good, and bad.🕴Belive in you and in what you’re doing and that courage will carry your dreams and hold the burden of your challenges.🙏🏻 Have faith that things will work out somehow, and that courage carries more weight than failure.#motivationalthoughts #successfullife #opportunities #power #leadershiplessons #inspirationalquotesoftheday #life #personaldevelopment #coachingandmentoring #happinessday

Deep sea fishing yesterday for salmon. Now I understand the story about “the one that got away.”No fish, but I did get pooped on two separate times ! I’m told that’s good luck?I don’t need bird poop to bring me “luck”. I’m already fortunate to have an amazing family,, great friends, and an awesome career that changes the quality of life for other people!Should I buy a lottery ticket? Perhaps, but is being pooped on two separate seaguls 2 times…all that lucky 😂😂

Fear and hesitancy are the indicator lights not the wheel. #coachjoe⚠️Driving by the indicator lights not the navigation will have a ripple effect.☑️Having a firm control of the wheel is an important precept to reliance and mindset.🗺To arrive at your new destination don’t use the identical routes from your past.🤯A realization of resilience is that I know I could pick myself up, but I went in the wrong direction. It is the choices you make next to show that you either have ultimate resilience or need to build it.🕴High-performers have clarity of who they are and where they want to go. You set the course, dictate destinations, and steer.⏭What’s the next right action of integrity for my NOW? Not to simply grab the wheel and stay on the current course.resiliency #coursedirection #mindsetiseverything #leadershiplessons #coaching #mentoring #inspireothers #growthmindset #navigatingchange #navigateyournext #corevalue #strengthsdevelopment

Performance necessity: the price of admission is the amount of passion you exchange for it. #coachjoeInternal focus:➡️ Write out your personal standards of excellence.➡️ Continue to challenge. Ratchet-up responsibilities.External focus:🔁 Set real deadlines with sense of urgency🔁 Build your social obligation.3 underpinnings of “performance necessity”🔂 Embody core beliefs🔂 Empower yourself.🔂 Evaluate. Focus on top 20% of activity not the bottom 80% of inactivity.successcoach #focusonwhatmatters #performanceimprovement #performancenecessity #growthmindset #growthoriented

The worse boss ever!The best lessons in failure and how you rebound from a bad experience. #coachjoeEnvironment:🧨A true narcissist, value placed on employees by the gross they generated not their contribution.🧨An autocrat that used intimidation and criticism in an effort to diminish people’s sense of worth.🧨High turnover, low esteem, and disengaged people with an unhealthy dose of angry culture.Key failure lessons:[☑️] Owning a business doesn’t not make you a leader. Leadership is not a title thrust upon you as a “boss”.[☑️] Lack of leadership without a clearly defined vision and culture will self-implode. The question is not “how”, but “when”?[☑️] High-turnover and poor ESI, leads to people doing a “job” instead of participating in a mission.[☑️] People want to be led and inspired. Not patronized, diminished, and devalued.[☑️] I am resilient, purposeful, and my core values supersede those poor qualities intended to be impose upon me.[☑️] Never sacrifice your own ethics to serve someone else’s lack of morality.[☑️] Teams need 3 specific questions answered by their leaders.Do you care for me?Can you help me?Can I trust you?coachingandmentoring #missionstatement #corevalues

“No person has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he/she begins to look in the mirrror for the real cause of their mistakes.” -Napoleon HillCOACHJOE🤔We suffer more from imagination parasites that we do our reality.💪 You are the creator of your outcomes. All potential lies within you!🔬Positive affirmations: research shows that speaking to yourself like a good friend lowers depression levels and raises happiness levels for up-to 6 Months!🤯Our beliefs are the architect of results. The problem with beliefs is that for the vast majority of us—we are not even conscious of them—or their effects on how we think and act into our results.

Conscious leadership; the ability to be with the moment and respond to what’s needed. #coachjoe💬With this kind of self-awareness, instead of growing anxious, assigning blame, or allowing anger to dictate — we can assess the situation with clarity and search for a solution.⚖️ Conscious leadership supports better decision-making, open and honest communication, creativity, innovation, and trust.📝 Having the proper mindset is a coachable skill. Learning how to be mindful of our emotions, we can discern the deeper routed needs.🙋‍♂️❓What are your tips to conscious leadership?consciousleadership #focusonthepositive #positivemindset #growthmindset #coachingandmentoring #tenacity #mindsetcoaching #developingpeople #developingleaders #coachjoe #mentoringmatters #communication #emotionalintelligencecoach

There is a light within, smoldering embers waiting for a spark. Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that to light up the world! #coachjoe☑️Do not wait for permission – it will never come. Do 1 thing that moves you forward.👍 Your value isn’t measured by the number of “likes”. Contribute to other people and the #payitforward dividend extends exponentially.🔥If you want to light the spark in your life, you need to stand where its shining brightest.🧨 Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to the inner fire and strong enough to “do you”!justlikeyou #justbeyou #believeyoucan #forwardthinking #keeppushingforward #momentum #sparkplug #fixedoperations #fixedopsroundtable #leadershipculture #leadershipmatters #fundementals #coaching #successcoach #peopledevelopment #peoplemakethedifference