Leaders focus their efforts owning the care and mindset of the “mini me’s” #coachjoe


All leaders choose a public persona.

Most are humble people with a service centric mindset.

I put my experience on display because Im passionate that leadership skills are scalable. Our posts are not superficial.

Like many of you, I am challenge by the many faces of mindset. They present themselves in many forms.

I like to call these “the 4 mini-me’s” and they manifest themselves in different ways.

👺The 1st is the “Doubtful Devil”. He’s always at the ready to challenge my mindset. Frequently presenting arguments to challenge my qualifications.

🕺The 2nd is the “Distracted Daydreamer”. He’s the silent one. Sending reminders to relax, take it easy, and enjoy some social media distractions. Trying to Pull me out of focus and into comfort.

🆕The 3rd is the most fun. The “Determined Daredevil”. He encourages me to try new things, puts me in uncomfortable situations and embraces failure with a winners mindset. Fueling my insatiable desire for growth!

🎯The 4th is my favorite, “Boundless Believer”. He’s my superpower. Giving me the courage, strength, and limitless energy to contribute and to multiply leadership.

Your responsibility is to manage your mini-me’s. To own the stories they tell you and to drown out the dissension!

Keep moving forward. 🚶

We are at the crossroads of resistance and persistence. The winner is the mind that grabs the steering wheel and presses on the gas!

👊🏼Embrace the grind.
😉Enjoy the journey.
🎧Keep listening.

When you’re committed to continuous learning, in Service to others, on the relentless pursuit of becoming a subject matter enthusiast. #coachjoe


Credibility, relationships, followed by focusing on logical work.

Greek Philosphy of influence:

🏦Ethos: is your personal credibility — how people view you, whether they believe what you say.

😑Pathos: is about feelings and relationships. It’s being emotionally in tune with others and their needs.

🤓Logos: is about logic — whether you are rational in the work you do with people.

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You are not stuck; you are closed, fixated on a certain view of who you are. #coachjoe


Transformation requires a new level of structure, habits, and routines.

If you need to hear this, raise your head and lift your eyes! There’s an entirely new field of possibility ahead of you.

Prime hour habits to make future actions easier – the seemingly small and incremental actions – become the most impactful things a year from now.

“Human behavior follows the law of least effort. We will naturally gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of work.” – James Clear.

The things we learned this week: #coachjoe


We are drawn to behaviors that earn us respect, approval, admiration, and status.

We’re in constant pursuit of ways to stand out. Most days, we’d rather be wrong with the crowd than be right by ourselves.

🧠Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio explains, “it is emotion that allows you to mark things as good, bad, or indifferent.”

📚❎To begin and fail is far more reinforcing to achievement, then it would be to plan, prepare, and procrastinate.

🔐 The key to mastering a new skill is to start with repetition, and not perfection.

🤯You must get your reps in.

👉🏻 Neuroscientists call this long-term potentiation, which refers to the strengthening of connections between neurons in the brain based on patterns of activity.

🔂 Each repetition improves and tightens the neural connections.

🔂 Frequency is the key to habit transformation. Not necessarily time specific. It is the frequency that makes the difference. Therefore, to build a habit you need to practice it.

How will you ever learn patience if someone weren’t there to teach you. #coachjoe


“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.” -Proverb.

👉🏻Most of the lessons we learn are the results of someone else’s experience.
👉🏻Not all of these lessons serve us well.

👉🏻Based on our angle of perspective, and the relative timeliness’s, our receptivity antennae might ignore them.

☝️Today is a good day to reflect on the many teacher’s who have impacted our lives for the better.

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