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Focus on the roots, not the fruits. Root cause work results in more abundant fruit. #coachjoe

This week on Balance Cubed episode 18, we discuss “workplace burnout”. Tune in on Wednesday #podcastshow #balancecubed

In these times, teams rely on leaders for clear, frequent, and candid communications.  So flying on autopilot is not an option.

Good teams provide 360-degree feedback loops. 

Double-down on the activities rather than merely measuring a result.

Each member of the team is accountable to results & responsible for performance expectations.

These are the essential, highly integrated characteristics of a leadership culture.

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We didn’t catch any marlin but we were fortunate to catch the sunrise. #coachjoe


Sometimes the hidden gems are the little things we take for granted.
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All it takes is a single idea, concept, or method to inspire change. #coachjoe

This is a participation ride. Strap in and buckle your helmet. It’s gonna be bumpy and requires the acute skillset of a new type of leader.

This week we tackle the important topic of; momentum. How to manipulate and steer momentum to serve your #team #change #goal #intention #purpose

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New episode 16: “Momentum. The fickle child of progress”. #coachjoe

Balance Cubed with #coachjoe


Join us as we discuss the careful and calculated manipulation of momentum.

Have you experienced running downhill and the intense emotion that comes with compelling action? The euphoria of momentum propelling your forward as you learn to balance speed and motion. 
Maybe you’ve experienced the counter action while running uphill. The energy and force doubles as you try to gain momentum.  

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Obstacles will distract the view. Change the perspective and a new path appears. #coachjoe


Today’s whiteboard message #coachjoe


From my favorite performance management tool. The “High Performance Journal” created by Brendon Burchard.