All it takes is a single idea, concept, or method to inspire change. #coachjoe

This is a participation ride. Strap in and buckle your helmet. It’s gonna be bumpy and requires the acute skillset of a new type of leader.

This week we tackle the important topic of; momentum. How to manipulate and steer momentum to serve your #team #change #goal #intention #purpose

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New episode 16: “Momentum. The fickle child of progress”. #coachjoe

Balance Cubed with #coachjoe

Join us as we discuss the careful and calculated manipulation of momentum.

Have you experienced running downhill and the intense emotion that comes with compelling action? The euphoria of momentum propelling your forward as you learn to balance speed and motion. 
Maybe you’ve experienced the counter action while running uphill. The energy and force doubles as you try to gain momentum.  

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Obstacles will distract the view. Change the perspective and a new path appears. #coachjoe


Today’s whiteboard message #coachjoe


From my favorite performance management tool. The “High Performance Journal” created by Brendon Burchard.

Im an average unknown. #coachjoe


A pebble in the pond that ripples outward. A small voice in the ocean of noise that waves into the shore.

My words may not touch your shoreline, or alter the course. My message, but a breeze following the storms.

I may be white-noise whispering in the chaos of your day. The whirlwind of content that spins about leaving little remnants of context.

The winds of change blow subtlety as tiny droplets of courage gradually changes a mindset.

A single voice in the choir, pitch is out of tune…still singing with passion. A tiny sliver of light in an otherwise dark room.

Today I’m a vessel whose cargo is delivered with experience. We drop our message into the pond and trust it will reach its intended patron.

You have the choice to receive and act.

Life is without a designated map guiding you to a predetermined destination.

Life has no instruction manual and it rarely runs a straight line. You have to make the choice, take a chance, or it will never change.

If our #coachjoe content is but a droplet of knowledge in your thunderstorm, you will recognize it’s origins of passion.

Today you get to reset your week! Remember to embrace the grind, enjoy the journey, and keep on learning.

yougotthis #balancecubed

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” -Maya Angelou. #coachjoe

Remember to embrace the grind, enjoy the journey and keep learning. #coachjoe