Deep sea fishing yesterday for salmon. Now I understand the story about “the one that got away.”No fish, but I did get pooped on two separate times ! I’m told that’s good luck?I don’t need bird poop to bring me “luck”. I’m already fortunate to have an amazing family,, great friends, and an awesome career that changes the quality of life for other people!Should I buy a lottery ticket? Perhaps, but is being pooped on two separate seaguls 2 times…all that lucky 😂😂

“No person has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he/she begins to look in the mirrror for the real cause of their mistakes.” -Napoleon HillCOACHJOE🤔We suffer more from imagination parasites that we do our reality.💪 You are the creator of your outcomes. All potential lies within you!🔬Positive affirmations: research shows that speaking to yourself like a good friend lowers depression levels and raises happiness levels for up-to 6 Months!🤯Our beliefs are the architect of results. The problem with beliefs is that for the vast majority of us—we are not even conscious of them—or their effects on how we think and act into our results.

Everybody wants to reach the peak. #coachjoeBut, there is no growth on the top of the mountain. It’s in the valley you tredge through, the impediments you have to overcome, and the learning that enables us to summit life’s next peak.climbing #peak #mountain #adversity #obstacles #challenges #struggle #growing #growthmindset #inspireothers #discoveryourself #wednesdayinspiration #coachingandmentoring

Annual reviews? Stimulating performance improvements requires a more structured process. #coachjoeMost sports teams practice far more than they play. In business, every day is game day! And practice is often limited to zoom/team meetings, workshops, training sessions, and the occasional conference.The limited practice in business makes it even more important that “practice” be effective and efficient. Many agree, everyone wants to succeed but, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.Here’s 5 overarching steps to effective performance coaching:📕Co-create a plan and timeline by pinpointing short-and-long-term goals.📈Assess accomplishments to date. Looking back to look forward exercise.📊Identify skills to build and strengthen. Build an alliance plan that focuses on achievement through challenge.📝Strategize ways to build leadership and influence competence. Explore what you observed, communicate the facts, ask for reflection, and be clear about the behaviors and results you expect.

Our daily consistencies are being directed by our daily disciplines. -#coachjoeFive rules to improve daily consistency:1️⃣ Stay connected to the work. Even when no one recognizes you for the work you do.2️⃣ Maintain a relentless accountability to yourself through your daily activities!3️⃣ Give everything you do your MAX effort.4️⃣ Know what connects you to the work, the daily disciplines that drives performance.5️⃣ Don’t just focus on the results. Understand and recognize the work it takes to get there. Enjoy the #grind.How often you spend focused on the results you can’t control?How often do you focus on the process it takes to drive the results?Training from Ben Newman 🔥👏 #continuedfightfocusonwhatmatters #coachingandmentoring #enjoytheprocess #pursueexcellence #likemindedpeople #manifest #corevalue #nourishyourself #highstandards #continuedlearning


Performance growth and the coaching mindset. #coachjoeOur beliefs, biases, and assumptions come from our experiences but are formed through the filter of our life. As we experience life, we pull our context to make meaning of our situations. The meaning then becomes our stories.▶️Offering what you hear as a belief and asking how they know it’s true can reveal another possibility. Altering a previously held narrative can be elightening when you challenge long-held beliefs.▶️Biasis can distance us from potential. Sometimes, a bias is staunchly defended despite any evidence to the contrary. Bias’s can hinder goal achievement.▶️Listening for context affords us clarity to examine values and social needs that formed the beliefs. Our brains would rather validate our values and needs than question them; questioning the rules we live by is scary.▶️You may think you use logic to make decisions, when your unconscious and overriding driver is to get a social need met. However, the more attached you are to having a need met in a situation, the more your brain the more you’ll search for that comfort.▶️Growth comes when beliefs, biasis, and assumptions are challenged in the right context. To be coached one must be a willing participant.

It is easy to say, “go execute” but it’s more comfortable to retreat to old habits and behaviors. #coachjoe💡Find a collaborative environment that is driven by others in pursuit of excellence.🕰Take time to nourish your soul with content that strengthens your knowledge🔌 Plug into support groups with like-minded people curious about emotional intelligence (EQ).🥇Hold high standards and surround yourself with others that will reciprocate.🚧Roadblocks will exist. Keep moving despite the obstacles that lay behind you or, ahead of you.📘Journal your experiences. Celebrate the small victories that move you closer to your ideal self. Document the challenges and what you’ve done to handle those.🎇Manifest your goals so you can hear them, feel them, taste them, and live them!pursueexcellence #highstandards #likeminded #journal #victorious #roadblocks #emotionalintellegence #collaborativeleadership #manifestation #corevalues #nourishment #coachjoe

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