Balance Cubed: episode #46 “Unlock Leadership & Meaningful Connections at Networking Events” #coachjoe

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Are you ready to challenge yourself by venturing out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone?#coachjoe


The most succulent fruits are located outside your immediate reach. To experience their nutritional benefits, you’ll need to keep pushing forward on uncertain branches. As of now, they may feel unsteady beneath the weight of expectations.

At times, it’s alright to rely on others for guidance and resilience – but ultimately, this journey is yours alone. The further you travel along the branch, the more empowered you will become.

Your true potential lies at the end of even the frailest branch – make sure not to let apprehension hold you back from exploring what’s waiting for you there!

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Take a course in a subject you know nothing about.
  2. Attend a networking event.
  3. Take part in a volunteer project.
  4. Learn a new skill outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Take part in a challenge that requires you to stretch yourself.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

Happy Holidays #coachjoe


From the moments in time our hearts were filled with joy, the moments of sorrow, to the events and people that inspired you to keep moving👊🏼. #coachjoe

To a past that has built character, the present that has taught humility, and future that is bright with potential. Challenge yourself to contribute, grow, and achieve your dreams 💭

To all my connections, I’m fortunate to have made your connection, blessed to have your support, and honored you take time to read and engage in our content. 🙏🏻❤️

We live in a connection economy. I am much more interested in customer leadership than customer management. Customers want a connection to the experience. #coachjoe

One size fits all methods are gone forever. Everything we did and continue to do is going to be done differently in the future. 
It is a wonderful chance and a lifetime opportunity. 

Some are used to operating in a vacuum. Looking through the same distorted lens. Behaving in accordance with the lens from the view of a limited perspective. Blinded by only those things you choose to see. A distinct perspective requires looking through the lens of the other person. Changing goggles allows your vision to be altered by an unfamiliar perspective.

Lasting change happens when the culture changes from a market-based environment where everything is prioritized by profitability to a connection culture.

Connection at a human level to your culture boils down to 4 basic values: purpose, connection,

Competing at the highest level and winning in business. You cannot do it alone. #coachjoe.

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United belief based on trust, respect, and a shared confidence makes the impossible possible. #coachjoe


👉🏻If you desire to make the impossible possible it takes enduring trust and respect.

👉🏻The arrival may not look exactly as it’s envisioned. The journey may be more tedious than expected. The underlying respect and mutual awareness is your common ground.

3 Practical Applications:

👉🏻 Partner to remove boundaries and self-limiting beliefs.

👉🏻 Anchor the process with confidence.

👉🏻 Compete within yourself and against yourself. Always pushing boundaries and stretching current skills.

Keep working to make the impossible possible.

Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe

Tune in now to our latest episode Balance Cubed: “Muligenerational Leadership. Understated growth.” #coachjoe

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A staggering piece of data in and of itself, when considering the scope of workforce data showing the bands of mix in generations.

With this changing workforce it becomes imperative that leaders understand how to alter their style of leadership to embrace the varying degrees of experience.

It’s an exciting time! Since the span- 35% of the workforce is millennials and 5% Is Gen Z and 2% is traditionalists.

Research: “Thriving in a Multigenerational Workplace” research from Mississippi State.

True change —that is lasting change happens when the people doing the work understand (with clarity) how their roles complete the mission.

Leadership is balancing the unique skills of individuals with their innate talents. Using a collaborative mindset that moves the mission forward with ease.

Leadership mindset: the pencil, eraser, and the highlighter. #coachjoe


Leadership mindset: the pencil, eraser, and the highlighter. #coachjoe #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipmindset #leadthink #performancecoachjoe #mindset #leadershipcoaching #teamwork #keepmovingforward #embracethegrind #enjoythejourney #keeplistening