What is your imperative? High-performance leaders understand that success isn’t achieved in a vacuum. #coachjoe

Leaders recognize the potential obstacles to growth and proactively work to foster an environment of psychological safety, transparency, and collaboration.

Balance Cubed: episode #46 “Unlock Leadership & Meaningful Connections at Networking Events” #coachjoe

#coachjoe #balancecubed


Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe

Leadership is expanding the reach and impact of the combined intelligence of a group of people working together to achieve greatness. #coachjoe


☑️ The identity of the groups potential is directly proportional to the leaders ability to pull the genius from each person.

☑️It’s time to update your potential and the intention of leadership. Leaders expand the spirit, goals, and potential by expanding the identity.

When faced with a moment of critical leadership intervention. We have 3 main approaches with how to deal with it. #coachjoe


🔄 Process it : engage in a routine of collaborative acuteness.

💻 Distract it: ignoring the elephant 🐘in the room and hope it does less damage than possible.

🎬 Redirect: actively change the course by addressing the concern. Don’t pepper the individual with perceived judgement.

➡️ Don’t “fix” them.

🤔 Share: what you know🧠, admit what you do not know🤷‍♂️, lead with empathy🧏, and set the expectations with clarity👁️.

The path isn’t always paved, you are bound to collect scars. #coachjoe


“It took thousands of people and 44 years to get the Hubble telescope from an idea into orbit. It takes time, it takes tolerance for failure, it takes individual people choosing every day not to give up.” – Erika Hamden

Don’t give up! Keep moving forward until the next obstacle. Then use the tools and experience you’ve gained to help you learn through that roadblock.