It’s going to be uncomfortable, a little scary, and you’re bound to fall. The first step is to start believing in yourself. #coachjoe


As you rethink your role as a leader, you will come to see that your greatest contribution depends on asking the right questions, not having the right answers. #coachjoe


Leaders don’t have to know all the answers. They just have to know which questions to ask and when. Asking questions engages the power of the collective mind. How do you think about questions?

Ask the hard question, ask for evidence, ask everyone, ask people to switch positions.

Most impactful leaders are those who not only have this mental horsepower themselves but I also know how to multiply it by accessing and stretching other peoples intelligence.

Most impactful leaders know how to multiply the mental horsepower of their team. Accessing and stretching other peoples’ intelligence.

Results are the byproduct of the complete alignment of purpose and intention. #coachjoe


👉🏻The gap in performance expectations occur when the daily activities aren’t conducive to the mission.
🚧 Roadblocks occur when the internal communications differ from the external communications.
🗣️ Part of the skill is to lead people in a way that they enthusiastically connect to the vision. Creating an environment where individuals thrive and contribute meaningfully.
🔁 Commitment is the straight line connection in the competency-confidence loop.

You are not stuck; you are closed, fixated on a certain view of who you are. #coachjoe


Transformation requires a new level of structure, habits, and routines.

If you need to hear this, raise your head and lift your eyes! There’s an entirely new field of possibility ahead of you.

Prime hour habits to make future actions easier – the seemingly small and incremental actions – become the most impactful things a year from now.

“Human behavior follows the law of least effort. We will naturally gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of work.” – James Clear.

How will you ever learn patience if someone weren’t there to teach you. #coachjoe


“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.” -Proverb.

👉🏻Most of the lessons we learn are the results of someone else’s experience.
👉🏻Not all of these lessons serve us well.

👉🏻Based on our angle of perspective, and the relative timeliness’s, our receptivity antennae might ignore them.

☝️Today is a good day to reflect on the many teacher’s who have impacted our lives for the better.

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Are you a learning leader? #coachjoe


Hi CoachJoe here. Today we are discussing leadership
Leadership is very dynamic, synergistic, relational, and influential form of connection between a group/team, or an organization.
Over the past 2 decades there’s been a range of leadership theories. They provide a framework for to conceptualize leadership in knowledge, strategies, and adaptability.
Peter Drucker said, “only three things happen naturally in organizations. Friction, confusion, and underperformance; everything else requires leadership.”
Our 5 cornerstones of leadership:
1. 3-parts: Self-reflection. Know yourself, Self-regulation and Self-perception.
2. Never stop learning. Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
3. Create a compelling vision while infecting people with the passion to achieve that destination. We’ll call this the strategic mental journey.
4. Create the culture and climate where individuals can contribute their unique skills. A culture of inclusivity, compassion, and diversity of views.
5. Make decisions, have the difficult conversations, hold people accountable, and are responsible for themselves and their teams, ask decisive questions while leaning into the friction.
“Leaders are the conductors of talent creatively orchestrating workforce ecosystems to bring life to vision and purpose.” -coachjoe
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

High-performance people lead with compassion, using the genius within.#coachjoe