How you define success matters. High-performance leaders define success differently. #coachjoe

How are you defining success in your business? Does “winning” mean exceeding financial measures? Is it externally motivated?
Can you point to a moment and say “we have arrived”!
Experience has taught me that high-performance leaders define success differently. Their belief that success is the transformation of capable people reaching their potential.
It’s an entirely different perspective of collaborative empowerment then command and control thinkers.
The subtle nuances are like changing out your old glasses for a new set of lenses. The prescription affords you more clarity and no longer distorts your perspective. High-performance leaders change their lenses often.
Our 5 guideline leaders use to define success.

  1. They see things clearer because they rely on a larger lens of perspective.
  2. They empower people to innovate, create, and fail-forward.
  3. They trust others to plot a new course and change direction.
  4. They build collaboration with the autonomy to challenge conventional wisdom.
  5. They recognize that true success of “potential” transforms results.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep learning.

Leaders take time to reflect at the pit-stops. #coachjoe


Truth is we are all imperfect. Sometimes even your most meaningful conversations fall a little short. Knowing that truth as a developing leader, will serve you well. Sometimes we are contributing to the low energy. So enamored with goal focus that we just keep driving through, rather than looking for the road signs that signify the journey.
It’s been so easy to run through the stop signs of life over the past few months. Sometimes people speed by you and flip you the bird. And other times, they’re so focused on the destination, they don’t notice any surroundings. They are so busy that they speed through the pitstops. Forgoing the purposeful time to recharge, re-energize, and refocus. Effective leaders aren’t always “on”But we do recognize when to take a pitstop to pause and reflect.
Today, take a break from the distractions. Spend some time in reflection.
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

You are not stuck; you are closed, fixated on a certain view of who you are. #coachjoe


Transformation requires a new level of structure, habits, and routines.

If you need to hear this, raise your head and lift your eyes! There’s an entirely new field of possibility ahead of you.

Prime hour habits to make future actions easier – the seemingly small and incremental actions – become the most impactful things a year from now.

“Human behavior follows the law of least effort. We will naturally gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of work.” – James Clear.

Are your leaders building a collaborative team? #coachjoe


Your Team’s Complimentary Values. I’m Coach Joe
We can resonate with the theory of supportive roles within a team. It’s these complimentary roles that support the greater mission.
Teammates on high-performing teams value and trust each other to contribute their skills to serve each other and the mission.
These teams work congruently and they respect diversity of thought and experience. They challenge the false securities that reside in past outcomes. In the process, they lead through creativity and productivity.
Complimentary teams are those that aren’t mired in conflict and positioning. They work on calibrating their actions to ensure alignment with core values.
Here’s 5 complimentary value’s

  1. The team has clarity for how their skills contribute to the mission. And actively pursue how those skills work cohesively with their teammates in pursuit of the mission.
  2. The team understands the expected lines of communication.
  3. The team has regular and unscripted meetings that support the feedback loop.
  4. Regular huddle calls to review prioritization and accountability of work-in-progress.
  5. They promote growth and development of individuals and groups.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the Journey. Keep Listening.

Is rejection your defining moment or, your stopping point? #coachjoe


We aren’t all inure with the fortitude to progress when rejection strikes. That’s especially true for someone who connects rejection to their “who” instead of their “why”.

We have heard the rejections stories of Fortune 500 companies who at the time, were rejected by bigger adversaries.

What gave those leaders the courage, strength, and conviction to pursuit who they have become?

From research, we know there are 3 identifiable things that help them persevere the rejection.

  1. They have a strong, almost magnetic pull to their (why) purpose.
  2. They surround themselves with a team who are committed to contributing to that mission.
  3. They have a deep-rooted connection to how the team(s) contributes individual skills and (product/service) in support of others.

While you can likely add hundreds more to this list, we can at least agree on these.
👉🏻 Strong why (purpose)
👉🏻 Clearly defined intention (service)
👉🏻 Core values

“The more rejection you get, the better you are, the more you’ve learned, the closer you are to your outcome. If you can handle rejection, you’ll learn to get everything you want.” -Anthony Robbins
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Removing limits. What our team learned this week. #coachjoe


Hey Coach Joe and we are talking limits.
This week our team spoke about limitations. What it means to stretch our current beliefs and remove our current limitations. Stretching our mindset to our fullest potential.
High-performance Leaders are always testing the limits. Stretching the current beliefs to what’s possible with a limitless mindset.
Leaders value the mental elasticity their teams need to stretch what’s possible. They get the delicate balance of challenging the mental mindset and testing the limits. Using the combined skills and strengths that pull the team towards potential. Leaders know a self-defeating limiting belief is deeply seated in uncertainty.
Here’s 5 practical applications to removing limits.

  1. Doubt disguise’s itself as insecurity. Insecurity leashes itself to false boundaries.
  2. Limits are always protected by a deeply rooted story that’s no longer relevant.
  3. Most learned anxieties stem from fabricated stories based on speculations and assumptions.
  4. Unleashing the talent to its fullest potential requires stretching their current beliefs.
  5. The greatest thing about realizing you are the source of your own problem is that you are the source of the solution.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

Balance Cubed. Episode 22 Benchmarking just released. #coachjoe

Latest episode of Balance Cubed released today. #coachjoe

Come join us as we discuss Benchmarking. This weeks episode was from our recent article published.

Does your team know the score? Does the team know how their performance contributes to the health and well-being of your business?

Benchmarking is in its theoretical competencies are connected to identifying the core practices that replicate or increase results.

When properly communicated, the power in benchmarking and score cards, produce repetitive behaviors that align the individuals actions with the mission.

Are you a distracted leader? #coachjoe


Hey Coach Joe here and today we’re talking the distracted leader.

Every day we are inundated with distractions. These distractions pull us away from our concentration.

You might not even realize the energy required as you move in and out of the clutter of distraction.

If you’re like many people, you might think this is a positive thing. Because it means you are busy, and by being busy you’re making meaningful contributions.

While this might be true, it is in spite of the distractions rather than because of it.

🔥5 practical applications for removing the distractions.
👉🏻1. Plan your week with your (GIA) greatest impact activity.
👉🏻2. Create “thinking space” Juliet Funt, CEO of WhiteSpace calls this “the strategic pause in between the busyness.”
👉🏻3. Calm your mind. Distractions disrupt your strategic thinking.
👉🏻4. Prioritize the distractions. Some distractions are manipulating your productivity. Stay clear of the mindless distractions.
👉🏻5. Stop trying to multitask. It causes us to completely shift our thinking and takes a while to get back to your GIA.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.