Your potential is vast, untapped, and available. Winning deep brings you closer to unlocking your deepest potential. #coachjoe


The path isn’t always paved, you are bound to collect scars. #coachjoe


“It took thousands of people and 44 years to get the Hubble telescope from an idea into orbit. It takes time, it takes tolerance for failure, it takes individual people choosing every day not to give up.” – Erika Hamden

Don’t give up! Keep moving forward until the next obstacle. Then use the tools and experience you’ve gained to help you learn through that roadblock.

There’s power and momentum in purpose. #coachjoe

Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe


The laws of business growth require the business unit to be flexible, accountable, engaged, and properly leveraged. #coachjoe


The laws of business growth require the business unit to be flexible, accountable, engaged, and properly leveraged. #coachjoe

The relationship between the team and the objectives is both bidirectional and unidirectional. Each rule acts separately yet they are interdependent upon one another.

Leaders understand that the day-to-day responsibilities require a substantial amount of focus and energy that drains most of the available hours in a day.

This leaves extraordinarily little room for additional tasks and goals to be implemented. As the targets of the business strategy continue to evolve and adjust to the increased market demands, they stress the available resources.

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“A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.”—Henry Evans. #coachjoe


When people are involved in setting the standard of acceptable performance, they become even more committed to achieving the desired results.

Without accountability, people might blame circumstances or other people for poor performance.

1️⃣ Set clear expectations in results, guidelines and process of accountability

2️⃣When we are aligned on the performance expectations, there’s no need to micromanage people and processes.

How you define success matters. High-performance leaders define success differently. #coachjoe

How are you defining success in your business? Does “winning” mean exceeding financial measures? Is it externally motivated?
Can you point to a moment and say “we have arrived”!
Experience has taught me that high-performance leaders define success differently. Their belief that success is the transformation of capable people reaching their potential.
It’s an entirely different perspective of collaborative empowerment then command and control thinkers.
The subtle nuances are like changing out your old glasses for a new set of lenses. The prescription affords you more clarity and no longer distorts your perspective. High-performance leaders change their lenses often.
Our 5 guideline leaders use to define success.

  1. They see things clearer because they rely on a larger lens of perspective.
  2. They empower people to innovate, create, and fail-forward.
  3. They trust others to plot a new course and change direction.
  4. They build collaboration with the autonomy to challenge conventional wisdom.
  5. They recognize that true success of “potential” transforms results.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep learning.

Leaders take time to reflect at the pit-stops. #coachjoe


Truth is we are all imperfect. Sometimes even your most meaningful conversations fall a little short. Knowing that truth as a developing leader, will serve you well. Sometimes we are contributing to the low energy. So enamored with goal focus that we just keep driving through, rather than looking for the road signs that signify the journey.
It’s been so easy to run through the stop signs of life over the past few months. Sometimes people speed by you and flip you the bird. And other times, they’re so focused on the destination, they don’t notice any surroundings. They are so busy that they speed through the pitstops. Forgoing the purposeful time to recharge, re-energize, and refocus. Effective leaders aren’t always “on”But we do recognize when to take a pitstop to pause and reflect.
Today, take a break from the distractions. Spend some time in reflection.
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.