Leadership and management are different things. #coachjoe


Tune in later this week on episode 17 of Balance Cubed. Where we discuss “Leadership. The balance leaders framework.”

Leaders create synergies within the team so individuals can share their collective genius to serve the mission.

“Leaders are the conductors of talent, creatively orchestrating workforce ecosystems to bring life to the vision and purpose.“ Joe Clementi #coachjoe

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Success has more to do with belief than brilliance, and with attitude as much as aptitude. #coachjoe

Obstacles will distract the view. Change the perspective and a new path appears. #coachjoe


I am my hardest critic. I’m harsh, abrupt, and demanding. As I raise my standards the universe meets me at the next-level.#coachjoe

  1. Prepare yourself.
  2. Develop skills.
  3. Learn and keep learning more.
  4. Master your craft. This is the competence 🔁 confidence loop.
  5. Lean into the friction.
  6. Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey.
  7. Be humble. Be grateful
  8. Be judicious with mental energy
  9. Avoid empty calorie time: be intentional
  10. Be ready to answer the call to greatness.

✅ Bonus: Leaders are responsible for 3 specific things; the energy we bring, the actions we take, and distraction removal. #coachjoe

What would you add to this list?

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Today’s whiteboard message #coachjoe


From my favorite performance management tool. The “High Performance Journal” created by Brendon Burchard.

Have you “defined” what success looks and feels like? Is your team clear on thag definition? #coachjoe

Clear vision of success has its own positive pulling power!

Ask better questions⁉️

👉🏻 If things go as well as possible, what happens?

👉🏻 What specifically, are the results you are attempting to achieve?

👉🏻 How will you think, act, and feel differently in certain situations? With certain teammates?

👉🏻 What will you do differently to achieve this defined result?

👉🏻 What will change in how you interact with others?

Plan for barriers ⚠️

🎯 How do you plan for roadblocks?
🎯 How do you prepare for the internal roadblocks?
🎯 What’s the strategy to align the team?

Root cause analysis 🧐

🔬Analysis can uncover deeply rooted flaws, patterns of behavior—that are inconsistent with the desired outcome, and identify blindspots.

Setbacks are 2-3 times more impactful than gains!

Practice when the stakes are low to turn them into habits and make them familiar and available for when stakes are high.

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“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” -Maya Angelou. #coachjoe

Remember to embrace the grind, enjoy the journey and keep learning. #coachjoe

The words you say aloud can be powerful allies or powerful weapons. #coachjoe


On the next episode of Balance Cubed we will be discussing the impact of the spoken word.
How many times do we use throw away words? Like Statements “I’m so stupid” , “how can I be so dumb?”, or “I’m such a procrastinator”.