During a coaching session, leadership wanted to know why change didn’t occur when they required it?🔥Real change happens when there’s clear vision, purpose, a well-defined why, and a mission that drives collaborative efforts. #coachjoe☑️Provide team members with constructive feedback on things they can actually change and improve.☑️ Feedback reduces ambiguity – both leaders and team member are hearing same information. Remove perception and replace with receptivity.☑️ Improves learning – feeds the competence 🔁 confidence loop.☑️ Encourages specific improvement ideas – driving more precise actions.☑️ Reflect on and report on improvements – show progress scales and relativity to improvement strategies.☑️ Focus in feedback – don’t get sidetracked on less impactful discussions.✅Share with your team any coaching, person, exercise, and training that improves skills, motivations, and performance.#leadershipchallenge #leadershipdevelopmentcoaching #coachingandmentoring #trainingprograms #coachjoe #traininganddevelopment #managementdevelopment #successcoach #successhabits #performanceimprovement #performancecoaching #winyourweekend #sundaymotivation

Deep sea fishing yesterday for salmon. Now I understand the story about “the one that got away.”No fish, but I did get pooped on two separate times ! I’m told that’s good luck?I don’t need bird poop to bring me “luck”. I’m already fortunate to have an amazing family,, great friends, and an awesome career that changes the quality of life for other people!Should I buy a lottery ticket? Perhaps, but is being pooped on two separate seaguls 2 times…all that lucky 😂😂

“No person has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he/she begins to look in the mirrror for the real cause of their mistakes.” -Napoleon HillCOACHJOE🤔We suffer more from imagination parasites that we do our reality.💪 You are the creator of your outcomes. All potential lies within you!🔬Positive affirmations: research shows that speaking to yourself like a good friend lowers depression levels and raises happiness levels for up-to 6 Months!🤯Our beliefs are the architect of results. The problem with beliefs is that for the vast majority of us—we are not even conscious of them—or their effects on how we think and act into our results.

Conscious leadership; the ability to be with the moment and respond to what’s needed. #coachjoe💬With this kind of self-awareness, instead of growing anxious, assigning blame, or allowing anger to dictate — we can assess the situation with clarity and search for a solution.⚖️ Conscious leadership supports better decision-making, open and honest communication, creativity, innovation, and trust.📝 Having the proper mindset is a coachable skill. Learning how to be mindful of our emotions, we can discern the deeper routed needs.🙋‍♂️❓What are your tips to conscious leadership?consciousleadership #focusonthepositive #positivemindset #growthmindset #coachingandmentoring #tenacity #mindsetcoaching #developingpeople #developingleaders #coachjoe #mentoringmatters #communication #emotionalintelligencecoach

“Leaders who are in learning mode develop stronger leadership skills than their peers.” – Harvard Business ReviewCOACHJOE📚Spend time in learning mode.👨‍🏫 Share knowledge without expectations of reciprocity’s.🗓Create a learning calendar. Complete with start and end dates.📓Write down intentions. Journal progress and share the #ahamoment.💻 Enjoy the competence ♾ confidence loop.learningculture #lessonlearned #growthmindset #challengeyourself #continuosimprovement #challengetochange #prioritizeyourself #competenceconfidenceloop #coachingandmentoring #mentalfitness #mindsetiseverything

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the ride. #coachjoe👉🏻there will always be roadblocks that require you to be rerouted.☝️progress comes from the small gains of progress.👉🏻 guardrails are cautionary and intended to keep thought linear.📍success is not a point on the map. It’s a road trip filled with amazing people that will touch your life in more ways than you can imagine.Have a great weekend!happiness #journeyoflife #guidance #coachingandmentoring #mentoring #powerofthemind #growthmindset #mindfulness #inspireothers #winyourweekend

Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder the reset button does exist🔥. #coachjoe #fridaymotivationHave a great #fridayfeeling and remember to #keepsmiling & #staymotivated 👊🏼💯

The slightest adjustment to your golf swing can completely change your game…#coachjoe.What would happen if you made slight adjustment in your personal game?coachjoe👉🏻A well balanced mindset, clarity and focus only on what’s supporting you.☝️The last shot is gone, you can’t get it back. Don’t spend energy on the things you cannot control.👉🏻 Progress takes practice, perseverance, and perspective.☝️ There are no secrets, hacks, shortcuts, or bypasses.🖐🏻There are best practices, and fundamental skills that will bridge the gap of the confidence ♾ competence loopwinyourweekend #practicemanagement #changemanagement #performancecoaching #performanceevaluation #coachingandmentoring #leadershipdevelopment #objectivity #passionandpurpose

You cannot cheat the grind. It knows how much you have given and only rewards you for effort. #coachjoeWhat’s your favorite daily grind? 👇📸Power of framework: 6 lens framework1️⃣ Purpose: intention & clarity.2️⃣ Positivity: attitude is a core strength.3️⃣ Potential: visualize bigger and bolder.4️⃣ Process: right questions to build framework for how something works best.5️⃣ Progress: strategies & choices that yield the most resources and time.6️⃣ People: that share your vision, create action, and help you enjoy the grind.☝️💡 Looking for a coach to help your grind? ✍️me for limited openings and a coaching assessment.winyourweekend #dailygrind #grindmode #learningculture #hardwork #challenge #cheerleader #culturechange #coachingandmentoring #pathfinders #growthmindset #opendoors