There’s power and momentum in purpose. #coachjoe

How do we proactively impact our people and our business? Effective leaders manage processes and lead people.#coachjoe


Today is the day you discover your inner-strength, courage, and the will to take just 1 more step! #coachjoe


“A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.”—Henry Evans. #coachjoe


When people are involved in setting the standard of acceptable performance, they become even more committed to achieving the desired results.

Without accountability, people might blame circumstances or other people for poor performance.

1️⃣ Set clear expectations in results, guidelines and process of accountability

2️⃣When we are aligned on the performance expectations, there’s no need to micromanage people and processes.

Leaders understand they’re stewards of service. It’s about responsibility and serving others in order to achieve a greater outcome. #coachjoe


Trying to pump up motivation to stick with a habit is like trying to force water through a crimped hose. #coachjoeYou can do it but it requires a lot of effort and increases the tension in your life.


When you’re committed to continuous learning, in Service to others, on the relentless pursuit of becoming a subject matter enthusiast. #coachjoe


Credibility, relationships, followed by focusing on logical work.

Greek Philosphy of influence:

🏦Ethos: is your personal credibility — how people view you, whether they believe what you say.

😑Pathos: is about feelings and relationships. It’s being emotionally in tune with others and their needs.

🤓Logos: is about logic — whether you are rational in the work you do with people.

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The value received in the service of others is far greater than the value given. —proverb. #coachjoe