Leadership has always been an internal quality. To lead outwardly you must first learn to lead from within. #coachjoe


The leadership Fallacy: As a student of leadership for the past 3 decades, this is what I have learned that the image we conjure up when we think of our leaders is a false image.

👉🏻We think that leadership is being in the right place at the right time.
👉🏻We think that leaders are “selected” to lead
👉🏻We think that leaders are “made”
👉🏻That in order to lead, we need permission.

It’s said leaders are supposed to create followers.  This seems paradoxical to me.  I contend leaders create more leaders, thus multiplying the role of leadership.

Seth Godin said, “When the world changes management always fails because we don’t understand how to move forward. The world is changing whether you want it to or not and faster than ever before. In the face of that change – we’re not going to be able to “manage” our way out of it. We’re going to have to lead!”

Connected teams lean into the storm by immersing themselves in the controlled chaos. Stretching the current state of thinking to a desired state of achieving. #coachjoe


Conceptualize the gap between the current behavior and desired results.

👉🏻Trust is the first building block to bring solutions to the surface.

🏆 Respect for talent. Identify gaps, celebrate wins, and learn together.

🔋 High-performance teams work with a shared purpose.

👉🏻High-performance teams focus on the goals by providing sustainable solutions.

🆑 There needs to be clear roles and responsibilities that align with expectations and accountability.

💻 Effective meetings should drive discipline, effective decisions, and accountability.

When you are around the right people, you get it. There’s an undeniable magnetic pull. #coachjoe


Go out there this week and find or build your community of people who are driven to grow, contribute, inspire, who overcome adversity, continue to fail, and stay inspired to #dothework, and have an immense desire to #win

The higher you climb, the harder the climb gets. Stay the course as you build muscles you didn’t know existed. Keep going! #coachjoe.

Today’s whiteboard message. Teams focused on the right things create amazing results. #coachjoe


6 secrets to building a team:

➡️ develop the skills needed to WIN in your area of focus

➡️ recruit, hire, and train for skills and leadership.

➡️ name your values as “things we do”.

➡️ instil the role model mentality.

➡️ set weekly rhythms and quarterly goals.

➡️ hold accountability meetings setting the expectations for ownership and responsibility

Authentic leaders bring the best out in others by bringing the best of themselves. #coachjoe


If you’re idling in hesitation remember this; genius is one action away from achieving your potential. #coachjoe


🌍The world is waiting for your song, book, invention, and life-changing idea.

👊🏻Whatever you do, begin now!

🎬Take a single action that moves you closer to your dream.

📚The learning leader immerse themselves in knowledge. Careful not to hover too long learning, but moving on the knowledge they gained.

🔋 You are responsible for the energy you bring!

💥You are accountable for the actions you take!

📱You are responsible for distraction removal!

👊🏻Embrace the grind

😃Enjoy the journey

🎧Keep listening.

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Competing in the context of leadership is a categorical imperative. #coachjoe


How do responsible leaders win in a highly competitive environment?

🙌🏻Competitive leaders are highly sought out for their expertise and the compensation mirrors the risk-reward benefits.

🙅‍♂️Unfortunately, experience has also proven faulty as some leaders cross the line of morality in pursuit of victory.

⚖️Competing to win in a business climate is multifaceted and requires a balanced leader.

💫One that can align the teams expertise to achieve a common goal. A leader that is is responsible, holds themselves and others accountable, and has a disciplined approach to adhere to core values.

🏟️High achievers want other like-minded achievers on their team. This balance empowers members to pull the perverbial rope 📿together.

High achievers set high standards and they don’t settle for excuses. 🚫

➡️The leaders role is to understand which levers to pull, how hard to pull them, and when to cheerlead from the sidelines.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

How do leaders challenge thier teams to generate big ideas while staying true to their core values?#coachjoe


How do leaders challenge thier teams to generate big ideas while staying true to their core values?#coachjoe

💡Ideation: the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating ideas.

Teams experience stagnation when they fail to evolve together.

Effective leaders use the power of ideation to fuel innovation, inspire change, and build cohesiveness.

The 3 stages of Ideation are; generation, vetting, and development.

There are 5 practical applications of ideation in motion.

➡️ Fine-tuning existing processes that serve the team, client, and company

➡️ Scaling current processes so they meet the evolving climates.

➡️Align people towards the vision and values

➡️Identifies current blind spots and deficiencies.

➡️Align behaviors, activities, and goals that support the mission.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.