Your culture is your lifeline and powerplant. We call this energy – “magnetic electricity”. Your environment is positively charged or it’s negatively drained. #coachjoe

🏆”For better or worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked.”— #coachjoe

⁉️Are you clear about what the “language” your culture is communicating to your employees and your customers?

😑The wrong culture, diluted culture, or no culture – is a culture nonetheless.

⛰️Culture is what the company values, if it isn’t the employee and the customer, they’ll go elsewhere! Your culture exist, whether it’s understood or not.

💰This market culture prioritizes profitability. Everything is a valuated with a bottom line in mind; and there are often several degrees of separation between employees and leadership.

🤔Connection, at a human level to your culture boils down to 4 basic values; balance, purpose, recognition, and contribution.

🔋An important and often overlooked aspect of culture is despite its subliminal nature, people are effectively hardwired to respond to it instinctively. It acts as a silent language – an internal heartbeat if you will.

👊🏼Sustained Results depend upon building, a culture full of self disciplined people who take disciplined action fanatically.

➡️An enduring culture of discipline, powered by people who act in the companies, best interest without strict dictums from leadership.

👏👏Good cultures, have self disciplined people who are willing to go to extreme lengths to fulfill their responsibilities.

💪🏼The people in good cultures tend to be almost fanatical in pursuit of greatness.
Now that’s culture!

Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe

“If you want to see a massive change in your life. Switch out “fault” for responsibility.” – Eddie Pinero. #coachjoe


🌩️Storms will descend on your plan and do everything it can to derail progress. The deluge will seem overwhelming – at times downright disruptive.

🌨️As the storms roll in don’t run away from it – run into it. Fleeing merely extends the cataclysm as it continues to its chase. Running towards the storm, shortens the length and severity.

🤔Possibilities happens when hope aligns with meaningful action. To move forward we must accelerate contribution through the process of learning.

💪🏼Change forces us to tap into resourcefulness & reinvent a new norm. The universe is starved for new discoveries, for the invention yet to be invented. The unwritten manuscript, the sonnet lying dormant on an old legal pad. The music & lyrics that failed to make it to the page. Or the numerous other life-altering creations just waiting on you!

➡️Continue forward with relentless effort and unleash your potential. Possibility happens when “hope” aligns with meaningful action!

👋🏻Hold true to a vision, values, and persistence. Continue forward with relentless effort in spite of the obstacles and unleash your potential greatness!

Potential resides just opposite of your comfort zone. The stories we tell ourselves are not proportionate to your potential. #coachjoe

On Balance Cubed episode #45 we explore the ten qualities of great leaders and what you need to know to become a successful leader. #coachjoe #balancecubed #leadershipqualities


Today’s whiteboard message. #coachjoe

Episode 44: Navigating Adversity – A Guide to Finding Balance ” at

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Begin anew and rekindle the fire you’ve long let extinguish! You’ve got the whole year to make it so. #coachjoe