Participation Ride

Niagara River at White Water Walk in Canada

This is a participation ride. Strap on your helmet, tighten your gloves and prepare yourself for an invigorating journey down the raging rapids!

There will be obstacles, distractions and the aversions to risk at times of the journey.  The ride will clarify your resilience and test your resolve during the exciting challenges that lay ahead.  Some, known only as the uncommitted, will lack the fortitude that’s required. This is adrenaline-fueled thrill ride so prepare yourself for the unexpected.  
If the group is void of fundamental leadership the collaboration can decelerate quickly at the first sign of adversity. Unlocking the momentum of a team requires an unrelenting pursuit of performance excellence. Momentum can carry a team through the most aggressive rapids.

“I intend to not allow the waves of change to knock me off my feet, but instead, learn how to ride them.” – unknown 

How do we unleash the passion, creativity, resourcefulness, talent, and energy of our team? We row together with the vigor and determination that defies the waves!

5 methods for accelerating momentum:

  1. Empowerment. Building a team requires trust from both parties. Empowered people know what is expected, how to accomplish it and what the benefits are.
  2. Inspiration by motivation. Accelerating leadership requires inspiration, there is no substitute for genuine enthusiasm!  When members of a team are enthusiastic, the whole team becomes highly energized and that energy produces incredible power!
  3. An environment devoid of negative energy. Nothing kills momentum more than a negative force that disrupts the progression of goals. When the rapids get rough and doubt sets in, routine tactical processes are forgotten and the team loses the commitment to the task.  Disruptive individuals affect the cohesiveness of a team and its unified goals.
  4. Recognition and reward for achievement. When teams are enriched they perform at higher levels. Recognition doesn’t always commensurate with an increase in pay rates. The simplest and most lasting reward is the acknowledgement for a job well done.
  5. Performance agreements. Everyone has to know who’s responsible for strategic development, tactical implementation and how we are measuring the expected results. Setting performance standards that are measured and reviewed regularly is essential. Each team member needs to be a willing participant in the discussion of skill progression and goal achievement. The performance standards should overlap the organizational needs and the individuals’ personal achievement goals.

For the team to successfully manage the rapids someone has to navigate and cheer-lead. Alignment between structure and shared values, between visions and processes serve to reinforce the strategic paths.

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” – Emma Smith

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