When the “hope” tank is empty, the barriers are often communication. #coachjoe

#coach joe

When we talk with someone who shares or processes information differently than you do, it can make you feel like you’re speaking a language they don’t speak.

Everyone communicates differently the fixed mindset believes this person “just doesn’t get it”.

Growth mindset check their emotions, don’t make quick judgements and expectations at their door. So those factors don’t hinder a productive conversation.

Numerous articles have been written on different communication styles and assessments that can help your team do it more effectively.

Power Tips:

  1. Acknowledge the mix of communication styles.
  2. Assess the individual’s preferred method of communication and their preferred styles.
  3. Ask what information is needed for greater understanding. Instead of, pushing your agenda.

👉🏻Share what you know.
👍Admit when you don’t know.
🎙Communicate with intention to unify the team.
⏳Provide a timetable for future communication.

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