Unapologetically flawed. #coachjoe❎My self portrait reveals all my flaws. Age lines from lack of sleep, a time lapse of long hours and self defining work, and the ever so attractive…belly fat.❎The visible scars of failures, firings, insecurities, doubt, and an ongoing struggle with imposter syndrome.❎The precipice of success, the tumbles down, and eyes that reflect rooted depression.🔵All true, BUT these flaws are what’s created character, resilience, and strengthened perseverance muscles.🔵Failure has nourished my will, given me courage, and created a deep desire to contribute to something more important than myself.🔵Flaws have molded me into the husband, father, sibling, friend and business leader that I am today.🔵 Time developed an insatiable desire to #coachingandmentoring others to be the best version of themselves. #inspireothers😂The mirror reflects the spirit of a fighter living in my dad bod.


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